Tea Cosy Christmas Preview

Last Thursday I went to the Tea Cosy Christmas preview at Cowdray Hall, Aberdeen. The alternative art, craft and design fair was brimming with gorgeous goodies, perfect for gifts this Christmas.

There were so many stalls, but here are some of my personal highlights:

Helen Ruth

The luxurious scarves were decorated with bright, colourful prints that looked like illustrations straight out of a children’s book, though they were most definitely very grown up and printed to a very high quality. There were also lovely unique cards that looked like works of art. The jester mice scarf was very cute and mischievous, but my favourite was the Marie Antoinette scarf with the eye catching leopard print and playful illustration of Marie herself in a cameo frame.

The Apple Fell Down

Anyone who knows me will tell you I really like owls. I totally fell for these cute compact mirrors and their adorable buttons eyes! The stall sold a variety of gifts, for example necklaces and cards, but these mirrors were definitely a favourite with me.

Antoinette Jewellery and Accessories

This was such a great stall with so many well crafted jewellery pieces. The jewellery was really fun and contemporary and when I was looking around for potential gifts I couldn’t help but want to buy it for myself! Very kitsch and cool.

Small Stories

I think the illustrative work by small stories is amazing. I love that it has a vintage feel, though it’s undoubtedly modern. I think there’s something very natural and organic about the imagery but it’s quirky too. There were badges, cards, children’s bibs and stickers. There really was something to suit everyone! My favourite piece is absolutely the owl and the pussycat tea towel that can be cut up and sewn into a toy. It’s really unusual but absolutely beautiful.

Nervous Stitch

This stall was such a lovely surprise. The knitting was of an exceptionally good quality and the designs were fantastic. I swooned over everything and I wanted to take it all home! I loved the hot water bottles that could be personalised, they were so pretty and cosy. And I thought it was awesome that they’d gone to all the effort of knitting a Christmas tree! The end result I reckon looks great.

It was really a fantastic opening night and from what I’ve heard a busy Saturday too, so well done to those who were showing their talents in the creative field. There really isn’t anything like home made!



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