Business Card Design (Graphic Designer Ry Swinney)

I could not be any more pleased with my business cards by graphic designer Ry Swinney. He totally understood what I wanted and delivered with this gorgeous design. The images used are my illustrative work, my photography shoot and one of my toile/ fabric samples.

You can read more about Ry Swinney and his work here:


Vintage Linen circa 1930

I’ve been discussing with tutors the fabric I want to use this year, and I wanted a really high quality linen. Funds are a bit low at the moment (aren’t they always!) but my sisters lovely in-laws dug out this absolutely perfect linen. It was starched, ironed, folded and tied up in ribbon, made into a beautiful parcel and hidden away in a spare drawer for over eighty years. It’s about the same age as my Grandad! So I have two lovely parcels, one from Evelyn and one from Bob, which they recieved from their mothers. I’m so amazed at their generosity, and grateful!

I’ve given them a wash and I’m just waiting for them to dry so I can start cutting pieces to make my collection. I love this fabric – it’s practical, so despite it’s age it is still in fantastic condition.