Sneak Peak// Final Collection Update

It is the final week before hand in, and things are really starting to come together. I need to focus and work harder than ever this week to achieve, so wish me luck!


New Designers, Business Cards, Fashion Show.

The weeks just seem to get busier recently, but I do have a few updates I’d like to share.

My business cards came in today! I’m very pleased! Again, I have to say thank you to my good friend Ry Swinney. Check out his newly re-designed website here:

These cards are to be handed out at my degree show and also at my exhibition stall at New Designers. New Designers will be held in June this summer – you can get more information about the graduate exhibition here: You can also see my online portfolio at artsthread, a website in association with New Designers:

I am so excited to be taking part in the exhibition, not only to show my own work but of course to see the work of other graduates. It should be a very exciting week.

This June my class will also be holding three fashion shows to display our graduate work. If you are interested in seeing this show, tickets are available here:


Glasgow Day Trip// Mandors

Aberdeen has a limited selection of fabric shops and so to broaden my horizons, my friend Aymee (  and I took a day trip to Glasgow to the fabric shop Mandors. I had never been before, but many of my fellow classmates had found it a really great place to shop for their final collection fabrics. If you are in Glasgow and a fan of fabrics, I would recommend going in for a browse.  There was a lot of choice and a very well stocked haberdashery section. Also, the staff were helpful and (typical Glaswegians!) very friendly.

The lovely Aymee with some cute Babushka fabric we spotted!

We were here a good few hours and there were so many fabrics we wanted to buy, not so much for our current collections but for other projects (ie our own wardrobes). I got everything I came for, but will definately be back at some point to have another look.