New Designers Favourites// Danielle Lisseman

Danielle Lisseman doesn’t graduate until September (well done!), yet she is already in the process of designing a collection of bespoke pieces to be sold exclusively online. With a keen expertise in digital print and a cool minimal aesthetic, Lisseman designs classic pieces that are constructed to last a lifetime.

It was Lisseman’s subtle but pretty butterfly print that first attracted me to her work. She is essentially inspired by her environment, from the grittiness of urban living to the organic beauty of insects. Lisseman admires the character of places “whether that be in the form of graffiti or from being worn down by the people living in or around it”. The combination of quality from the digital print technique and her skill in manipulating repeat patterns from street lights, flashes of colour and structures result in beautiful fabrics reminiscent of one of her greatest inspirations, McQueen. She has also experimented with laser cutting, a technique with the potential to “instantly change the whole concept”.

Though Lisseman stresses that she is a fan of vivid colour, it is the minimal, almost bleak black and white palette of her final collection that I find to be one of her strongest aesthetics. More subtle than her bold butterfly prints, her innovative use of pattern allows you to see animal skins and butterfly wings but is also demonstrative of a more contemporary vision.

My questions were based on the mistaken belief that Lisseman specialised in textiles. However, Lisseman specialises and wishes to pursue a career in the fashion industry, concentrating on the structure and quality of garments. She says “I will always be more interested in the fashion side of the industry and definitely see myself sticking with the fashion industry throughout my career. I am lucky to have the textiles experience for the future and it will always be a possibility to combine the two to create more bespoke pieces”.

I wish her all the best and look forward to seeing the sophisticated, chic pieces she is sure to design in the future.


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