Aymee Charlton on Etsy


Aymee Charlton now has new accessory pieces available on Etsy.com! My favourite pieces are her bunny bracelets and her cotton lace neck pieces, which she tea dyes by hand. So cute and creative!

Buy now at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/aymeejo

Alternatively, have a look at her other art and design work on her website: http://www.aymeecharlton.co.uk/


Printed Textile Pieces.

I have some unused printed textile samples from my night class. I was inspired by the geometric shapes and optical illusion illustrations I found at Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. All pieces were made by hand. For some I hand cut paper stencils with a blade and others I painted a design directly on the screen using a screen filler liquid.


I love creating prints by hand because you just don’t get the same authenticity with digital prints. Every smudge and mistake gives the print an identity and personality. The blue smudges on the hand drawn prints are one of my favourite details. Sometimes a design calls for perfection, but I enjoy these pieces because they are imperfect and it means they are recognised as not being mass produced.

Final Collection Photoshoot

My final collection for hand-in tomorrow. Here are my favourite images from my photoshoot – I kept the look clean and minimal, complimenting my final pieces. I also had to take these photographs myself, as the photography technician had broken her hand whilst skiing! This didn’t stop her being so helpful, and she showed me a couple of tricks and really built my confidence behind the camera. I’m also very grateful to my model, Joli Parker, who got exactly what vibe I was going for. I still have lots of work to do (tying up those loose ends!) but I will update you all further after my hand-in.